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An approach to socially responsible investing


You take your city’s hybrid bus system to work, only driving your Toyota Prius on the weekends.

Your home is stocked with energy-efficient appliances.

You eat only organic foods.

And each year you give what you can to charitable organizations. But have you become a socially responsible investor as well?

If you are among the millions of Americans trying to round out their socially responsible lifestyle with investments, you may be uncertain how to assure your investments align with the values you strive to uphold.

When looking to invest in more socially responsible companies, seek out a financial advisor who shares your passion for investing in this manner. With your values and your advisor’s resources, you can assemble a portfolio that contains the potential positives of investing while helping you feel good about the social impacts of your financial strategy.

Ask yourself these questions to help determine the best strategy for investment:

How much money do I plan to invest?

What issues am I most concerned with? (Environmental effects? Labor conditions? Specific products?)

How much of a trade-off am I willing to make between investment return and social good?

Are there geographic considerations that affect my investment preferences?

Above all else, when choosing a financial advisor or investing, proceed with care and always ask lots of questions both about the process and the companies in which you are investing.


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