Beach blotter


Peeling out on Causeway


A nearby Wrightsville Beach Police officer began pursuing a vehicle driven by 27-year-old Rodney W. Quibodeax around 2:20 a.m. Monday, July 28, after the vehicle’s tires squealed when Quibodeax turned from Waynick Boulevard onto Causeway Drive at a high rate of speed. 

Quibodeax did not pull over immediately after the officer turned his lights on but finally stopped on Bob Sawyer Drive near Wrightsville Beach Park. 

When the officer went to remove Quibodeax from the car he refused at first and eventually failed the field sobriety test. Quibodeax also resisted arrest at the Wrightsville Beach Police Department and was charged with driving while impaired and resist, delay, obstruct. 



Lost cash at Shell Island 


Three individuals staying in the same room on the second floor of the Shell Island Resort reported cash missing from their room around 9 a.m. Monday, July 28. The individuals went to the beach and came back to find around $650 in cash missing from a money clip and two wallets. 

There are no suspects in the case. 



Public bathhouse redecorating 


It was reported Thursday, July 31, around 7:30 p.m., that someone spray painted the inside of the bathhouse at the public parking lot on South Lumina Avenue near the Oceanic Restaurant.  Total reported damage was estimated $50. 



Huffing by the boat ramp


Wrightsville Beach Police officers began looking for the automobile driven by 54-year-old Wilmington resident Warren Baughman around 11:52 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 2, after a report of someone driving while impaired on North Lumina Avenue. 

While officers did not find the reported vehicle on North Lumina Avenue, they did find it later parked near the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Public Boat Ramp. When the responding officer began approaching the vehicle he saw Baughman huffing chemicals out of a spray duster aerosol can. The officer reported Baughman’s eyes gave away that he was impaired and he was also unresponsive to the officer at first. 

Baughman was charged with driving while impaired, inhaling toxic fumes and possession of toxic substances for inhalation. 

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