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Yacht Club break in 


At about midnight Tuesday, Aug. 5, the alarm went off at the Carolina Yacht Club. Wrightsville Beach Police arrived on scene and searched the property with the club’s general manager and found several open doors and one open window on the lower floor. No property was taken and the suspects were unknown. 



Pedestrians in the crosswalk


A family of a mom and two sons was crossing the street at the intersection of North Lumina Avenue and East Salisbury Street around 3:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 8, when a motorist at the stoplight began yelling at the pedestrians to move. 

The suspect, 62-year-old Wilmington resident Helga Bender, then squealed her tires as she pulled away and bumped the beach chair the mother was carrying. 

Wrightsville Beach Police were notified, watched the surveillance footage of the intersection and confirmed the incident. 



Mystery break-in at the museum


An employee at Wrightsville Beach Museum came in to open the museum the morning of Saturday, Aug. 9, and found the front window pane broken. 

Inside the museum had been disturbed but nothing was missing from the donation cash box, register or from any of the exhibits. All of the deadbolts were unlocked on the museum doors. 

The estimated damage of the break-in was $75.

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