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The sport of beach soccer generally doesn’t require a lengthy explanation. At all levels of competition, from the casual beachgoers passing a ball back and forth to the United States National Team competing in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, beach soccer is essentially soccer on the beach.

On Friday, Aug. 22, a group of friends kicked a soccer ball around in the sand at Wrightsville Beach. The six players quickly divided into teams of three and someone volunteered a shirt and a pair of sandals to create a makeshift goal.

The friends set up their game not far from the water’s edge. The harder sand made it easier to run and pass the ball, Matt Stevens explained.

“The harder the sand, the better, and as many people can play as you want, as long as the teams are even,” Stevens said after the game.

Stevens explained it was an easy game to play on the beach because the only piece of equipment required was a soccer ball.

“And it’s fun because you can just go barefoot,” Steven’s teammate Luke Kelly added.

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