Landfall art show a success for 15th year


Once again Landfall opened its Dye Clubhouse to the public during the Landfall Foundation’s 15th Annual Art Show and Sale. From Aug. 21-23, 100 local and regional artists displayed their work throughout the clubhouse, showcasing sculpture, watercolor, photography, acrylic, fiber art, glass, pastel, oil, digital photography, pottery, mixed media and ceramics.

Nicole White Kennedy, Raleigh-based artist, instructor and studio owner, judged the  show and explained the difficulty in choosing the winners.

“When I walked in here, I was struck by the amount of work and my task in fully comprehending these hundreds of pieces,” Kennedy said. “But, when things are segregated in rooms like they are here, I can walk through and let everything sink in before actually making decisions.”

During her second walk through the four showrooms, Kennedy placed sticky notes on the paintings that she would revisit in judging the categorical winners. However, she quickly gravitated toward her choice for Best in Show.

“I rounded the corner and saw Sandy Nelson’s simple painting of a bird taking off above a warm, washed riverbank,” Kennedy said. “It was one of those stunners that kept coming back to me as I walked around the rooms. I went back later and actually analyzed the piece for brushstrokes, color and the like and it was a really clear decision.”

Nelson was ecstatic to learn that “Greenfield Morning” won Best in Show, noting the strength of the other artists.

“I am honored that my painting was chosen, especially because there’s so much gifted talent in this show,” Nelson said. “What’s especially great is that this art show displays so many different kinds of art side-by-side that you may not otherwise see at the same gallery.”

Nelson also lauded the Landfall Foundation Art Show and Sale for its collaboration with nonprofits in the Wilmington community.

“Some of the charities that the Landfall Foundation supports are art programs in public schools and other art-facilitating nonprofits,” she said. “In a way, it funds the future of the arts.”

At the 2014 show the Landfall Foundation received 30 percent commission from each sale. These proceeds will be directly allotted to grant programs for local 501(c)(3) nonprofits that the foundation will sponsor in the fall.

“The Art Show is a key revenue event that continues to help us to be a successful conduit facility for local nonprofits,” said Bill Hamlet, Landfall Foundation President, during an Aug. 25 phone interview. “There are a lot of talented artists in the greater-Wilmington region so it is also an amazing opportunity to see some of the best, original and innovative pieces of work from artists in your backyard.”

Hamlet estimated the 2014 Art Show and Sale yielded more than $12,000 in grant fundraising and predicts the Landfall Foundation will have roughly $400,000 in sponsorship funds for the fall.

“We could not have done the show without the skillful artists, the public, our judge Nicole Kennedy and Katie Watkins, the chair of the Landfall Foundation Art Show,” Hamlet said.

A complete list of the art show winners is available at

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