Speed limits changed around Heide Trask Drawbridge


Crews from the North Carolina Department of Transportation have installed the new speed limit signage on eastern portions of Eastwood Road and Wrightsville Avenue, and West Salisbury Street.

The new 35 mph speed limit along West Salisbury Street was approved by the Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen in October 2013, removing the only 45 mph zone on the island.

Beginning around Southerland Avenue and the Lumina Commons shopping center, both Wrightsville Avenue and Eastwood Road are now 35 mph zones to the east over the Heide Trask Drawbridge. Those speed limit changes were approved by the City of Wilmington in April 2014.

The new speed limits signs on Wrightsville Avenue and Eastwood Road have orange flags on them as well to alert motorists of the change.

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