Beach blotter


Hit and run

At 1:25 a.m. Saturday, 28-year-old Laura Harrison reported to police she was punched in the face. She said she was dancing in King Neptune and a girl grabbed her by the shoulder, turned her around and punched her. She had a swollen lip and minor bleeding. A suspect was never identified.

Later that night

At 2 a.m. Sunday, 21-year-old Denzel Murdaugh told officers he was also punched in the face in King Neptune. He said he was arguing about sports with 25-year-old Zachary Strickland when Strickland punched him. Murdaugh had a bloody lip, but he refused Emergency Medical Services treatment and didn’t press charges.

Free parking

The morning of Memorial Day, Casey Martin told police someone had stolen her residential parking pass. She parked her red Jeep Rangler, which did not have doors, at 275 Waynick Blvd. and someone apparently reached in and removed the rearview mirror and the pass along with it. A suspect was never identified.

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