Curbside recycling ends in Wrightsville Beach as hauler closes doors

The July 11 Facebook post from Green Coast Recycling announcing the company was out of business.

The July 11 Facebook post from Green Coast Recycling announcing the company was out of business.

Curbside recycling in Wrightsville Beach came to an end this month when the Green Coast Recycling company announced it was out of business and no company placed a bid for the service.

The company announced it was closed on both its website and in a Facebook post dated July 11. On its website, Green Coast Recycling provided a link to Go Eco Disposal for residential recycling service.

However, a manager at Go Eco Disposal said the company was not serving Wrightsville Beach, mainly because it received only three requests from residents, which didn’t justify the costs.

“Between the costs and the bridge and the traffic, it wasn’t enough,” said Kevin Hinsdale, Go Eco Disposal manager.

The company was approached by the town to bid on the recycling contract in 2014, Hinsdale said, but the contract would have included stipulations the company wasn’t able to meet — mainly, requirements that the company make payments to the town.

New Hanover County operates recycling bins on the grounds of the Wrightsville Beach Municipal Complex, though they require residents to bring their recyclable materials to that location.

The loss of the town’s only curbside recycling service puts more emphasis on the need for a coordinated recycling program in the town, Wrightsville Beach Alderman Lisa Weeks said.

“That’s all the more reason we need to take a look at the whole process,” she said.

Weeks said Wrightsville Beach is one of the largest contributors to the landfill, primarily because there isn’t a comprehensive curbside recycling program. Because many residents in the summer are short-term renters, it’s not reasonable to think they will put the effort into recycling if it’s not done curbside.

“Weekly renters aren’t going to schlep it to some central site,” Weeks said.

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