Weekend police report


Friday, Aug. 21


• Blaine Hancock of Brunswick County was arrested for driving without a license and larceny.


• Jianfeng Zang was cited for a stop sign violation.

Warning Tickets

• John W. O’Brien was warned for improper equipment.

• Paul C. Blalock III was warned for failure to use headlights.

• Donovan J. Lewis was warned for speeding.


• Basil Farmer Jr. reported larceny.

• Andrea Tinajero reported a found wallet.

• Anna Robuck reported larceny of a bicycle.

Saturday, Aug. 22


• Eshaa Ziyad Jamil Al Najjar was cited for a seatbelt violation.

• Tyler Walton Kasperski was cited for a seatbelt violation.

Warning Tickets

• Ellen Atkinson was warned for not using headlights and failure to carry a license.

Civil Penalties

• Jessica M. Rowe was cited for human waste.

• Cody Durazzo was cited for human waste.


• Matthew Hollifield reported a vehicle collision.

• Hayley Walker West reported a vehicle collision.

• Jeremy Neil Erickson reported a vehicle collision.

• Anthony Horbas reported an assault.

• Michael Anthony Riclardi reported an assault.

Sunday, Aug. 23


• Alfonzo Ramiro Cifuentes was arrested for driving while intoxicated and a hit-and-run collision.


• Frank Ecker was cited for speeding.

• Zachary J. Batey was cited for failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.

• Wiley R. Bierman was cited for speeding.

Warning Tickets

• Deborah Bobbitt Thompson was warned for speeding.

Civil Penalties

• John S. Stanley was cited for a dog on the beach.


• Jeffrey Martin reported larceny.

• Marjorie Camas Wilson reported a vehicle accident.

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