Grand View Apartments seeks new permit for dock project that Wrightsville Beach opposed


The developers of the Grand View Apartments on Wrightsville Beach’s border are again seeking approval to build a dock into the Intracoastal Waterway that the town previously opposed because of concerns it could impact a key sewer line.

In a CAMA permit application to the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management, developers said they could construct a dock facility for residents of the 111-unit apartment building without needing to dredge around the area. In 2014, Wrightsville Beach opposed a similar proposal out of concern to its proximity to the only sewer line connecting Wrightsville Beach to the mainland.

The earlier proposal would have put 27 boat slips on docks in the ICW, but also required dredging near the sewer line. The current proposal lays out only 10 slips, with plans to replace the current 66 foot dock with a structure of the same dimensions at an adjusted angle. The developers plan to add a 79 foot and two 38 foot floating docks, as well as a floating 20-foot by 20-foot gazebo.

And while the earlier proposal had dredging within 11 feet of the sewer line, the new proposal puts the closes piling at 19 feet and also features a detachment point for the floating docks, which will allow Wrightsville Beach authorities access to the sewer line for maintenance.

Town Manager Tim Owens told the board of aldermen in a Friday email that he still considers the project to encroach on the town’s right-of-way and that the proposal will be submitted to the town’s attorney for review.

In 2014, the board of aldermen instructed the town’s attorney to draft a letter of opposition to the project, citing the potential for damage to the drainage system and the environmental impact it could have.


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