Weekend police report


Friday, Jan. 6


• Jack Brandon was cited with window tint violation.

• Chase Popella was cited with following too closely and improper passing.

• Selbie-lyn Drish and Stephanie Tremain were cited with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, consumption of alcohol under 19 and possession of alcohol under 19.

• Christopher D. Brock, Phillip M. David and Emily M. Pugh were cited with human waste.

• Justin Wallace was cited with alcohol consumption on the street.

Saturday, Jan. 7


• Robert Wesley Mcintosh was charged with limited driving privilege violation and cited with driving while licensed revoked.


• John Charles Buechele and Amanda Jean Rivenbark were cited with expired registration.

• Cameron Christopher Bailey was cited with consuming alcohol under 19 and attempting to obtain alcohol with fake driver’s license.

• Alfredo Dipints was cited with speeding.

• Samuel S. Pugh was cited with human waste.

• Demette Bordeaux III was cited with impeding traffic.

Sunday, Jan. 8


• Robert Stainer was cited with red light violation, expired registration and inspection violation.

• Jesse Rutledge was cited with possession of alcohol under 21.

• Hannah Hager and Michael Jerome Reese were cited with speeding.

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