Weekend police report


Friday, Dec. 23


• Michael Jeremy Norris was charged with failure to appear in court.


• Olivia Lane Hawley was cited with running a stop sign.

• Robert Cutting was cited with expired registration.

• Dillon Lee was cited with expired registration and revoked license plate.

• William Carpenter III was cited with possession of marijuana and driving after consuming.

• Nurry Leigh Dodge was cited with driving while license revoked and failure to surrender license.

• Austin Adriano Armstrong and Victoria Chase Dufort were cited with speeding.

Saturday, Dec. 24


• Bradley James was charged with failure to appear in court.

• Benjamin Matthew Merritt was charged with DWI.

• Federico Galvis was charged with intoxicated and disruptive behavior and resisting arrest.


• Gregory Carlton Venditti II was cited with driving while license suspended or revoked.

• Harrison Evon Bass was cited with expired license and improper passing on the right.

Warning tickets

• Campbell Baratta was warned for improper left turn.

• Sam Crittender and Erin Smith were warned for expired registration.

• Kenneth Leimer was warned for improper passing on the right.

Sunday, Dec. 25


• Thomas Gilley and Melanie Ann Dueck Rosen were cited with expired registration.

• Tu Thanh Le was cited with careless and reckless driving and failure to register vehicle.

Friday, Dec. 30


• Onesimo Rodriguez Mata was cited with driving without a license.

• Peter Owens Cox was cited with failure to move over for emergency vehicle.

• Jeffery Lynn Deans, Sally Farrington McLohon and William Edward Jacobs were cited with speeding.

Warning tickets

• John Herbert Deyton was warned for speeding.

Saturday, Dec. 31


• Julian Weathers Shearin Jr. was charged with DWI.

• Fisher James Hardee was charged with simple assault.


• Susan Carter, Rebecca Columbus, Zachary Pomeroy, Christina Turner, Kymberly Purvis, Sarah Harris and Julian Weathers Shearin Jr. were cited with speeding.

• Walter M. Knight Jr. was cited with aircraft violation.

• Brian King and Allison Emerson were cited with open container in vehicle.

• Jean Marie Hall was cited with speeding and failure to stop at a red light.

• Marie Smith was cited with under 21 possession of alcoholic beverage.

Warning tickets

• Catha O’Reilly, Allen Foster, Patrick Wickham, Macey Austin, Shelby Herzong, Chad Fortun, Charles Webb and Katie Norris were warned for speeding.

• Hubert Rogers and Daniel Tyndall were warned for failure to carry insurance.

• Stephen Cassiere was warned for headlight violation.

Sunday, Jan. 1


• Jennifer Nicole Bias, Brittany Denise Pernell, Justin Gregory Marsh, Brooke Anne Buchanan, William Gerald Vassar Jr., Abdelrahman Issam Abusaad, Joshua Tyler Cleghorn, Evan Reid Rhodes, Ian William Malson, Sarah Marie Rodriguez, Mia Smithley, Madeleine Dibiase and Thamara Winqvist were cited with speeding.

• Yuan Song was cited with expired registration.

• Sanford Ray Berlin and Edmund Conger Leary were cited with speeding and expired registration.

• Alexander Wayne Cole was cited with speeding and inspection violation.

• Garrett Johnson Lee was cited with driving without a license and expired registration.

Warning tickets

• Scott Lee Watson, Sara Catherine Jordan, Richard Martino and Carol Irving were warned for speeding.

• Richard M. Huse was warned for running a stoplight.

• William Hill was warned for rear tail light violation.

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