Weekend police report


Friday, Feb. 3


• Garret Bridgers II was charged with aggravated assault.


• Cynthia Williams was cited with displaying a revoked plate.

• Katherine Marie Psichos and Willard Thomas Hannah were cited with speeding in a school zone.

• Brooke Lauren Reese, Andrew Emad Masoud, Brooke Nicole Allen and Victor Gerges were cited with speeding.

• Marcus Rae Wheeley was cited with driving while license revoked, failure to register a moving vehicle and fictitious registration.

• Carlos Sanchez Marrero was cited with driving without a license.

• Kelsey Brenden Harris and Joseph Chiron Johnson Jr. were cited with driving while license revoked.

• Jessica Hicks was cited with failure to register and failure to display a registration plate.

Saturday, Feb. 4


• Acacia Doliboa was charged with DWI, failure to report an accident and driving without insurance.


• Mary Haridson was cited with expired registration.

• Michael Gregory Weiner was cited with running a red light.

• James Franklin Lassiter was cited with seat belt violation.

• Laure Ann Boyd was cited with speeding.

• Shon Darius Greene was cited with window tint violation.

• Rion Jenny was cited with expired registration.

Sunday, Feb. 5


• Kenneth Dean Skipper was cited with possession of stolen property, fictitious tags, and failure to register motor vehicle.

• David Lee Larson was cited with driving while license revoked and possession of marijuana.

• Ian Howell Schulte was cited with expired registration.

• Harry Wylie Stovall was cited with speeding and concealed carry violation.

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