PHOTOS: Snow hits Wrightsville Beach


After several weeks of spring like temperatures, winter returned to Wrightsville Beach this morning when show flurries came down for approximately three hours. Warmth from the ocean and channel waters helped keep the snow from sticking, though, as there was little accumulation around town. Social media posts from around Wilmington showed that the snow

Wrightsville Beach Park Ranger Shannon Slocum said that no problems were reported due to the snow. And while the snow did bring out some curiosity seekers, Slocum said the beach wasn’t too crowded, as most interested in the snow event were staying inland, where it was easier to find accumulation.

“People are enjoying themselves out here. But the accumulation inland is keeping most people in town,” said Slocum, who described the thick, falling snowflakes as “beautiful.” “These are the kind of flakes you see when skiing.”

Still, those that came to the beach on Sunday morning said the weather event offered a unique opportunity to simultaneously experience the sounds off the ocean with the sights of snow.

“It’s really cool to see the snow and sand mix,” said Davon Peebles, 14, of Wilmington, who came to the beach with his family to experience the snow.

Slocum said the warm temperatures was helping to keep the snow from sticking in Wrightsville Beach, helping to keep the roads safe.

“We were hoping to see if it would stick,” said father Harrison Peebles, who said there was more accumulation at his home on Greenville Loop Road.

“In town it’s great, but on the beach it’s awesome,” said Margaret Johnson of Wilmington. “It’s such an oddity to have snow come down on the beach.”

With water temperatures in the high 50s, it steamed against the snowy, cold air.

“I like the fog on the water also,” said her husband Chris Johnson.


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