PHOTOS: Boat goes airborne in wreck at local marina


No one was injured, but one man was in custody, after a boating accident at Bridge Tender Marina today what had witnesses marveling at the spectacular airborne launch of the skiff.

The accident, which occurred at 3:15 p.m., left other boats at the marine damaged, including one that lay under the boat that the unidentified driver wrecked.

Several witnesses described the accident, with each describing a quick acceleration of the Carolina Skiff before it hit a dock piling. The piling served as a ramp for the accelerating boat, sending it into the air and on top of the other boats.

Witnesses to the accident said that neither the driver or his female passenger suffered signicant injury in the accident. However, several witnesses said that the driver was arrested by North Carolina Wildlife. A Wilmington police officer said the department was providing aid in the investigation but could not confirm charges.

Bridge Tender Marina general manager Tripp Brice said the boat “rode the piling like a ramp” and would have cleared the docks and gone into the nearby marsh grass had it not struck another boat. He noted that it was remarkable that nobody was seriously injured.

“It could have been worse,” Brice said.

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