Police Report- July 20


Friday, July 14


  • Brian Deleon and Glenda Adams were cited with no operator’s license.
  • Alice Edwards, Paul Taber, Candace Robertson, Virginia Carver, Tiffany Charley, William Goodman, Mason Devon Powell, Gene Austin Ray Jr, Christina Lola Lazarus, Eugene Beery Woodbury Jr., Grace Louis Baumer, Emily Graham-mattocks, Olga RzheptskayaRetchin were cited with running a stoplight.
  • Joseph Koon was cited with improper passing.
  • Dustin Sims was cited with expired vehicle inspection.
  • Milton Pilson and Matthew Ashbaugh were cited with speeding.
  • James Edward Carter was cited with seatbelt violation and running a stoplight.
  • Fabian Guiterrez and Leslie Mears Allred were cited with texting while driving.
  • Stella Jakure Vincente was cited with allowing an unlicensed driver.
  • Gonzalo Pinbadano was cited with seatbelt violation.
  • Paul Brian Faulk was cited with seatbelt violation and expired registration.
  • Michael Matthew Boguski and Ginger Hobbs were cited with open container.
  • GlyllanMckay was cited with impeding traffic.

Saturday, July 15


  • Kevin Florez-Hernandez was charged with DWI.


  • William Lawerence Erath, Cade Lee Andrews, Andrew Caleb Anthony, Blake Daughtry, Jarlin Bonilla were cited with seatbelt violation.
  • Coty Eastwood and Nicholas Zwan were cited with speeding.
  • Tiffany Caldwell was cited with animal cruelty.
  • William Lane was cited with driving while license revoked.
  • Noah Jenkinson was cited with expired registration.
  • Penelope Morningstar was cited with failure to decrease speed.
  • Ovilio Juarez-Metia was cited with no insurance and no operator’s license.
  • Charles Hensley was cited with exceeding posted speed and stop sign violation.
  • Jack Slocum Lawrence was cited with underage consumption and possession of fraudulent identification.
  • Isaac Jack Quin II was cited with careless and reckless driving.
  • David Craven Freeland was cited with charging for parking.
  • Jack D. Webb, Kara Graves, Callie King and Nishant Polisette were cited with open container.
  • Rebecca Fariss, Madison Owen, Cedrick Colman and Marilyn Stallings were cited with glass on the beach.
  • Neil Briscue, Jennifer Sides, William Hand, Fredrick Hoffman, Christie Cole and Tyler Lynn were cited with impeding traffic.
  • Christian Holmes was cited with human waste.

Sunday, July 16


  • Matthew  Branden Wall was charged with communicating threats and resisting arrest.


  • Melissa L. Faulk was cited with passing in a no passing zone.
  • Josiah E. Kennan was cited with stop sign violation.
  • Donna Ellen Desrochers was cited with driving while license revoked and speeding.
  • Rachel Elizabeth Palmour was cited with texting while driving.
  • Aaron James Samero was cited with violation of inspection, registration and window tint.
  • Nahun Alberto Madrid was cited with no operator’s license and speeding.
  • Tara Simmons was cited with no operator’s license.
  • Harold A. Allen was cited with speeding.
  • Judy Gail Jones was cited with glass on the beach.
  • Alyssa Kay Schweizer and Trina Matthew were cited with alcohol on the beach.
  • Matthew Branden Wall was cited with human waste.
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