PHOTOS: No injuries after woman drives car into Poe’s Tavern on Wrightsville Beach


No one was  injured, but a woman will face a moving violation citation after she drove a white Lexus sedan into the dining area of Poe’s Tavern in Wrightsville Beach on Friday evening. Wrightsville Beach police said that there were no signs of impairment or intoxication, adding that the woman was elderly and likely just “confused.”

Police,  patrons and staff of the restaurant said there were no injuries from the event, which occurred just after 6 p.m. on Friday at the restaurant located at 212 Causeway Dr. in Wrightsville Beach. The restaurant was closed while staff cleaned up the debris. Photos show that the car went all the way into the restaurant, reaching the back wall where the restaurant’s kitchen is located. Several police officers responded to help push the car out of the restaurant. The car had damage on its right side while the frame for a large roll-away door and part of the nearby wall were also damaged in the incident.

Patrons said the car went by just feet from patrons sitting at the bar, splitting between it and the two banquet-style tables that separate the bar from the dining area. Alex Crow, who was by the corner of the bar nearest the entrance, said that the car was just two feet from him, but it was within inches of some patrons at the bar. Ed Ward, another witness, said that the car hit and pushed a large flower planter into the restaurant, which slowed the car some and also first alerted patrons to what was happening.

Police on scene said the woman’s name would be released by the public information officer after the citation was issued.

Photos courtesy of Ed Ward.



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