Weekend retreat brings women entrepreneurs to Wrightsville Beach


By Jana Mackin

Contributing Writer

While the holidays can be stressful for many, a pair of retreats this December are designed to not only help participants find mindfulness, but also bring together women.

This weekend, Soul Sisters Sleepover will feature a two-night ladies retreat at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort’s historic cottage, hosted by the newly-launched White Rabbit Trips, a company that organizes events and retreats.

“Our mantra is: ‘The only way out is in,’” said owner Jenny Yarborough. “We use yoga, travel and the arts as tools of meditation to calm the mind and find connection to people, places, and purpose.”

At this weekend’s retreat, 16 area women business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives will lead events such as yoga sessions, meditation, workshops, group discussions, music and various artistic activities aimed at promoting participants’ collaboration, exploration and inspiration. Besides overnight festivities, a party-crashers pass for women unable to spend the night will allow entrance to select yoga and discussion events.

“It’s a great jump off point for creative or business endeavors,” said Jess Reedy, a seminar teacher and owner of Pineapple Studios yoga, ceramics and wellness in Wilmington.

“For people doing the retreat, she said, “it’s good to be around women business owners and creatives. It’s good to be around their energy and passions and channel it into your energy.”

Yarborough collaborates with 17 yoga teachers, artists, gardeners, jewelry makers, designers, and free divers to create events, workshops and trips. Because White Rabbit is a networking and collaborative business, it can grow unhindered by such things as physical location, Yarborough said.

“There’s no limit,” Yarborough said. “We’re constantly expanding. That’s the magic in not having brick and mortar. Anyone who can take us to a place where we’re able to expand our consciousness…is welcomed.”

Currently, there are White Rabbit members in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

A fundamental part of White Rabbit is yoga and meditation. These are tools accessible to anyone who wishes to calm their minds and access their authentic selves, said Yarborough.

“If you can breathe you can do yoga,” said Yarborough, explaining the white rabbit mask is used to brand her business.

On Christmas Eve morning, White Rabbit will also host I’ll be OM for Christmas, a special two-hour, yoga practice led J.J. Cook, yoga instructor and a White Rabbit member, at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort.

The event offers respite from holiday hassles as well as helps benefit Puerto Rican recovery efforts.

“Yoga works on the body, soul, mind and heart. Everything starts to lighten up. Life doesn’t seem so impossible,” said Dani Marshburn, counselor, yoga instructor and therapist. She owns Infinite Yoga and Wellness in Jacksonville and will be among the Soul Sisters Sleepover teachers. “It’s all about getting unstuck.”

“Unstuck is good,” she said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

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