Wilmington police warn of scam


Local residents are being targeted in a telephone scam involving fines for missing jury duty.

The Wilmington Police Department said it has received multiple reports that scammers, who identify themselves over the phone as members of law enforcement, are informing residents that a warrant for arrest has been issued for missing jury duty. To satisfy the warrant, the callers instruct the residents to pay a fine of more than $1,000 over the phone.

This is a scam, the WPD said.

If you receive this call or one similar, do not pay money over the phone or agree to meet with the caller in person to pay the fine. Hang up and immediately report it, the department said.

New Hanover County manages jury service, and WPD said it will never call members of the public to inform them of missed duty. If members of the public do miss jury duty, neither court staff nor New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office will require payment over the phone or ask for any sensitive financial information such as Social Security or credit card numbers.

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