First responders demonstrate bleeding control in Wrightsville Beach


First responders and employees of Sweetwater Surf Shop during the Stop the Bleed event at the shop on March 30.

Between the common injuries that can often occur in boating, surfing and other outdoor sporting and leisure activities, and the more recent threat of active shooter situations, first responders in the Cape Fear area came to Wrightsville Beach on Friday, March 30 to help train in emergency bleeding control as part of the national “Stop the Bleed” day.
With a demonstration set up in Sweetwater Surf Shop, Wrightsville Beach Firefighter Sam Proffitt, Airlink critical care flight paramedic Jordan DeSario and D.J. Struntz, of North American Rescue, showed local residents and visitors how to recognize a critical blood loss injury and how to properly handle the situation.
“It takes three minutes to bleed out and nine minutes for first responders to arrive,” said Struntz, adding that traumatic bleeding is noticeable by bright, red blood. “And if it’s squirting, that’s trouble.”
At the demonstration, first responders showed how to properly apply a tourniquet.
“This applies to a lot of everyday scenarios,” Desario said. “Car accidents, propeller cuts, chain saws. A lot of things can happen.”
Proffitt said that boaters should carry emergency bleeding kits on their boats, since serious injuries on the water can be especially problemsome due to the lack of available first responders. This can also happen in an active shooter situation, as medics will wait until the scene is safe, but injured victims may need immediate help
“First responders might not be able to get there, that’s why we’re promoting public access to bleeding control,” Proffitt said.
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