Fleeing car escapes Wrightsville Beach, county police


A car that led Wrightsville Beach on a high speed chase on Monday, May 4 escaped before police could stop the car.
New Hanover County sheriff’s deputies first pursed the burgundy Pontiac Grand Prix on I-40, which had tags reported stolen out of Durham, but ended the pursuit after the car turned onto Gordon Road, a sheriff’s department spokesman said.
Later, at about 9:30 p.m., a Wrightsville Beach police patrol car spotted the car and executed a U-turn on Causeway Bridge to pursue the vehicle as it traveled west on Causeway Drive. However, instead of leaving the beach, the vehicle took a right turn on Salisbury Street in the direction of Johnnie Mercer’s Pier. A Wrightsville Beach police spokesman said that it appeared the driver didn’t know the area well enough to know how to leave the town.
After crossing North Lumina Avenue and entering the pier parking lot, a Wrightsville Beach cruiser conducted a three point turn in an effort to head off the fleeing car.
However, a police spokesman said that once the car was over the Trask Drawbridge and heading down Eastwood Avenue, officers determined it was unsafe to continue the pursuit and passed along the information to city and county police and the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

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