Owl found injured in Wrightsville Beach euthanized before fundraiser


Two days before a fundraiser on its behalf, the great horned owl rescued in Wrightsville Beach in February was euthanized at the local animal shelter.
But Amelia Mason, director of the Skywatch Bird Rescue in Castle Hayne, said that the $1,000 raised at the Friday, May 4 fundraiser in Wrightsville Beach will still go to the construction of a great horned owl sanctuary at the facility, as other great horned owls are expected to be relocated there.
Mason said that despite some initial improvement in the owl, which was discovered in Wrightsville Beach on Feb. 21, 2018 after it was presumably hit by an automobile, the bird worsened over the past week, leaving Mason with the decision to peacefully end its life before it suffered any further pain.
“Rehabilitation birds often come in in bad shape, make great improvements, and then suddenly they go,” Mason said. “The owl seemed to be doing really well. But sometimes, euthanizing the bird is the only thing you can do. It was very quick and humane.”
However, the rescue center will continue its fundraising efforts to build the enclosure, with about $3,500 more still needed, she said. Mason said the organization will use online fundraising tools to help raise the funds.
Skywatch Bird Rescue already has 14 owls, including one great horned owl, with another great horned owl expected to be transported to the center from Cumberland County.

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