Wilmington firefighter adopts dog rescued from burning house


After being rescued from a burning house on Vance Street by Wilmington’s bravest just one week ago, this lucky pup has found herself a second chance at life and happiness.

Last Sunday, as Wilmington Firefighters Pfeffer and Richardson were conducting a primary search of the residence, they discovered Katie in a back room, trying to hide from the smoke, her little body becoming overcome by the inhalation of the toxic smoke. Fortunately, Katie was rescued and brought outside to receive immediate medical treatment from Wilmington Firefighter Bransford. Katie was later transported by Wilmington’s Assistant Chief Tom Robinson to a local emergency animal hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation.

After spending several days in the animal hospital, Katie was discharged Saturday from the hospital and is doing well. She is expected to make a full recovery and is at her new home, with her new owner, Firefighter DeVilbiss, from the Wilmington Fire Department.

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