BREAKING: Wrightsville Beach files suit against Dupont, Chemours alleging well contamination by GenX-class chemicals


The town of Wrightsville Beach has filed suit against the DuPont and Chemours companies over what it claims is contamination of several of the town’s well with chemicals of the same class as GenX.

Wrightsville Beach said Tuesday in a press release that it was suing the corporations based on the results of at least nine sites within the town’s water system.  After learning on Jan. 31 from CFPUA representatives that the town’s Well. No. 11 may be contaminated with polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), the town discontinued use of the well. CFPUA tests went on to show that Well No. 11, located on Allens Lane on the mainland, which showed Gen X levels at  37 parts per trillion (ppt) which is lower than the health threshold of 140 ppt. The tests also indicated that other PFASs were in the well. The press release said that the town still met federal and state standards for drinking water standards.

Well. No 11 did test positive for GenX in July 2018, though below the state’s health threshold levels, and other wells were tested, which didn’t show any detectable contamination.

After learning in January of the possible contamination, the town conducted several tests at least nine locations with its water system, including the two wells closest to Well No. 11. One of those tested and cleared in 2018, Well No. 6, showed positive tests for PFASs after the town tested the water in Feb. 2019.

Heading into the tourist season, the town will now seek options to replace the water lost from Well No. 11, it said in a press release.

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