Board to offer approval for two beer-and-wine ABC licenses


The town’s board said it would approve the application of two beer and wine licenses for two neighboring businesses in Wrightsville Beach.

Both Redix Retail Store and its new neighbor, the Gulfstream Restaurant, sought the town’s approval for the state-issued ABC license. While the state ABC board takes the town’s approval into consideration, it can issue a license without town approval, as it did recently in Wrightsville Beach when the board issued a license to the Red Dogs nightclub, despite the town’s objections.

The license would allow the businesses to serve beer and wine, but not liquor, on the premises, with the owners of the Gulfstream Restaurant indicating they could consider applying for a liquor license in the future. The restaurant’s owners told the board they were interested in serving breakfast drinks and would continue to maintain the restaurant’s 8:30 p.m. closing time.

Though a retail store, the owners of Redix told the board it primarily wanted the beer and wine license to support two summertime parties it throws, serving beverages to attendees in the parking lot.

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