General Assembly approves Wrightsville Beach license plates


After some initial delays in the legislative process, the North Carolina General Assembly approved the town of Wrightsville Beach’s application for a specialized license plate. But approval by the legislature doesn’t mean the license plates will be coming soon, as the NC DMV has 180 days to issue the new plates.

However, approval does mean that the specialty plates will be for sale by the DMV going forward, though it’s unclear when the plates would be sold. 

The town reached the threshold for sales of the plates after the town sold 311 to meet a February deadline. The town charged $10 for the plates, which will go towards the general fund.

While there was some revenue gains for the town, which charged $10 for each plate, town officials said the main benefit was the notoriety the plates would generate throughout the state and country.

“Whether you’re in Asheville or Raleigh or Greensboro or anywhere in the state, you’ll be able to show everyone you represent Wrightsville Beach,” Alderman Ken Dull said.

The license plate will feature a four-number configuration with the letters “WB” on the right and the town’s logo on the left. Purchasers can choose from the “First in Flight” or “First in Freedom” design.

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