Ogden tornado injures one, leaves path of damage


New Hanover County workers spent this week collecting leaves, branches and other debris that was created after a tornado touched down in the Ogden area last Thursday, May 5. The National Weather Service, which sent a team to investigate, confirmed an EF-1 tornado did touch down in the Middle Sound Loop area with winds of up to 95 mph.

Tree limbs and debris was scattered throughout neighborhoods in Ogden after the tornado touched down at around 2:30 p.m. in northern New Hanover County. By Tuesday, May 10, the county had picked up 864 cubic yards of debris from the tornado, which left a 1.75-mile path that was 75 yards wide and injured one person.

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Some of the most significant damage occurred in the Gorman Plantation and Queen’s Point neighborhoods, where trees and branches damaged cars and houses. One woman in the Gorman Plantation neighborhood was injured when she was hit with a tree branch, but neighbors said she was expected to be OK.

On Thursday afternoon, residents of both neighborhoods were out in their yards clearing away branches and other debris, while neighbors walked the streets to check up on their neighbors.

A tree knocked into the back yard by Kristen Jeno’s house on Wellington Drive did minor damage to the roof. But another damaged tree, which leaned on another tree, was also expected to fall, possibly hitting her or her neighbor’s house.

“We don’t know which way it will fall,” she said. “We’re watching it closely.”

Residents described how quickly they were hit by high winds. Chris Blanchard was in his Chevy Suburban in a driveway on Timber Creek Lane when the storm hit and knocked a tree onto the truck, denting the roof of the truck that was partially crushed under the tree.

“I felt it before I saw it,” he said. “It was so quick. It was here and then it was gone.”

Susan Williams, who also lives on Timber Creek Lane, said she was out walking her six dogs in the backyard when she described winds that seemingly went from “5 mph to 60 mph.”

“You had no time. You just ran,” she said, adding that she and her dogs took cover in the shower. “It was the scariest experience I’ve ever been through. And as fast as it happened, it was over.”

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