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What is happening in the world is pure evil.

We have to know this. When a man drives a speeding truck into and over revelers while they are celebrating freedom, killing dozens before being shot to death, it is pure evil. When former military officers shoot down police officers, it is evil. When a concert or bar or newspaper office become a killing ground, it is evil at work.

It is time to call it like it is.

The horror we are seeing play out day after day, night after night in real time is a desperate attempt of a defeated strongman to reek as much havoc as possible, because his time here on this Earth is almost up and he is seeking to destroy all that he can in these last days before he is bound in chains and fire forever.

You can read about it in the Bible. It is all there.

In the last days the hearts of men will grow cold, it says in Matthew 24:12. Men will be lovers of self and without human affection, traitors (2 Timothy 3). Many will be deceived.

But take heart. There is Good News.

It is called the Gospel.

These are not my words: in the Bible, the manual for how to navigate this life, Jesus says take heart, I have overcome the world.

He came to save that which was lost. Us.

It may not look like it right now. But it is finished. This is what Jesus said on the cross, His last words in fact. And it is. He defeated evil with His sacrifice.

And the little worm frantically turning the dials behind the curtain knows this, regardless if so many of us don’t.

Ever watch or read C. S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” from the Chronicles of Narnia? His brilliant story is an allegory of the Gospel. The noble Aslan represents Jesus Christ. The white witch is obviously a stand in for the devil. It is a treasured tale of good triumphing over evil when it all looks like burnt toast.

But this — what we are in — isn’t a story. It is real. It was then and it is now.

Jesus lived, breathed and walked the Earth as a man for 33 years. It blows my mind: God as a man. When He banged His finger, He hurt. He got cold, tired, sweated, ate, drank, pooped, felt all the things we do, but never sinned. Born of a woman, He came for the sole purpose to save that which was lost when Adam ate the forbidden fruit.  That would be us: our relationship with God the Father was lost on that apple-eating day.

Adam was also a real man, in charge of a Garden where everything was in right relationship with God. Then the evil one slithered in as a serpent and deceived Eve, tricking her into eating of the tree of good and evil so that she and Adam would become cast out like him.

And he has been deceiving and lying to us ever since.

But just like in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” evil loses in the end. Unfortunately, a great deal of misery and death (evil’s fingerprints) occur first.

In Lewis’ story Aslan (Christ) sacrifices his life so Edmund, the brother who had been seduced and enslaved (all of us) would be spared. And just as Edmund had to choose sides before it came down to the great battle, so do we.

The Bible says we will know that time. It will be obvious.

I believe that time is now.

All I have to do is see the news every few hours to confirm it.

As people shake their heads, wring their hands and cry, “What are we to do?” God the Father of Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah who came to save us all from sin, is getting a bad rap.

Make no mistake, Jehovah God, the maker of heaven and Earth, is a good, good Father. Nothing bad comes from Him. Ever. If it is bad, He didn’t do it. I promise.

If it is bad, His heart is broken by it too. He weeps along with us. To believe otherwise is pure deception and I cannot sit quiet.

The time is coming where we all will have to make a choice: pick a side, good or evil (Deuteronomy 30:19). You can’t sit on the fence; the fence belongs to the author of lies.

He is real. Make no mistake about that. He has controlled many given over to evil down through the ages, including Hitler and his Nazis; the killers at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Paris, Orlando, Nice, Dallas, Baton Rouge; Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

There are many false gods we can serve: religion, politics, power, fame, money, entertainment, self. But it is all wood, hay and stubble; they all end in the same place.

I don’t care what denomination you choose, what church you attend, or really even if you go to church. But I do care if you don’t know my Jesus, and don’t know how much He loves you. He has always loved you, since before the foundation of the world. He is your BFF. Literally forever.

He is crying out for you, His beloved, to know Him, to know His Father.

Ask Him if you don’t believe me. “Is this true? Are you real? Do you love me? If so, show me, I want to know you.”

Time is short. The evil we see almost every day is the evidence. He is coming back.

It is time to choose good or evil. What will it be?

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