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I once worked with a woman who believed Americans didn’t walk on the moon in the ’60s, that the moonwalk was all a government sham to beat out the Russkies.

Crazy right?

Now here I am, having believed national and international news reporting was true — and it is not.

I am not saying I believe our moon landing was fake, nope, but I do honestly believe that the mainstream media does not tell us the truth, that the news we tune into is what others want us to believe, some or much of it is slanted or not even true.

And I am one of those people who when I catch you in a lie, I question everything you have ever told me.

Now I question everything.

So when I saw Hillary Clinton collapse at the 9/11 memorial service, I watched it over and over and over.

First thing, I had an issue with the blue round glasses — something odd there (turns out people with Parkinson’s disease also wear them).

Then there was the number of people holding her up, yet she still collapsed and they dragged her into the van. The Secret Service whisked her out of there.

It is very clear something was terribly wrong with Mrs. Clinton, even though it looks like her primary physician was who had her by the arm.

Next, the media was held in place, not allowed to leave for at least an hour. Not allowed to follow. Why?

And why no press outrage?

Ninety minutes later a miraculously revived Clinton was out on the street, looking fabulous and without any Secret Service detail.

They tell us it was too hot for her on an 80-degree day. She was dehydrated. Then she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

The facts simply don’t add up.

I have had heat stroke; it put me out commission for the remainder of the day.

I have also had pneumonia. Each year roughly 1 million Americans are hospitalized with pneumonia, 50,000 of them dying. There is no way the woman dragged into that van was the same woman who came out on that street looking incredibly marvelous 90 minutes later.

Why is the media not all over this? What is going on?

Go back to WikiLeaks’ leak of emails that show how the Democrats rigged the primary election to see proof that the Democratic National Committee could call up a major network and kill or slant a story.

The Clinton campaign is lying about her health and the media is covering it up. But, if I am wrong, what could they have pumped her full of to send her back out onto the street so rapidly?

Last Monday I heard my first conspiracy story: the Clinton body double. I scoffed. Then I started checking.

Darn if the woman who came out onto the New York sidewalk wearing the same blue glasses isn’t thinner than pear-shaped Hillary. This woman is younger, with fewer and different wrinkles. The nose and the hair are not the same. Mrs. Clinton’s hair appeared unwashed at the 9/11 ceremony. Are we to believe she was rushed semiconscious to her daughter’s building, recovered completely, showered, styled her hair, put on full makeup and her same clothes to glibly be out on the street, sans her protective detail and handlers, 90 minutes later?

Compare the photos yourself. Google “Clinton body double.”

The woman at the 9/11 ceremony does not look well before the collapse. The woman after is the picture of health, vitality.

I am not buying it.

Side-by-side photos compare Clinton’s hand in the air with the woman on the street that Sunday, the same hand in the air. The fingers are different lengths.

It turns out Mrs. Clinton does have a famous body double. If it wasn’t her, there must be another.

I believe Mrs. Clinton is ill — very ill, debilitatingly ill. And the family or campaign or some entity is going to great lengths to hide this from the American people.

To fool us.

And that makes me very, very unsettled.

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