Late April weather frustrating or exciting anglers- Hook, Line, & Sinker


Water temperatures in the Wrightsville Beach area are reading in the lower seventies, something not normally seen in these parts during the month. In fact, the National Weather Service reports that the reading of seventy degrees is in the top five percent of past data for the month of April. That part is exciting anglers that the fishing is about to get really good. Unfortunately, the past few days have also resulted in rainfall, a lot of rainfall, some of which totaled between four and a half inches up to eight inches plus, depending on your location. This will obviously have some impact on the fishing, both inshore and offshore, but what it does to slow it down is anyone’s guess. The upcoming weekend looks like there’ll be some decent opportunities for those wanting to wet a line but the recent rains could have an impact. Anglers won’t know unless they head out in search of some action themselves or wait until they read about it next week.

Late last week there was a very narrow window of decent weather, before the winds arrived, for fishermen to try their luck off the beach. Those in search of atlantic bonito found some action close to the inlet and up to about five miles off the beach. At the furthest point, those ready for them also find some king mackerel biting in the five to eight mile range. Large spoons and some dead cigar minnows slow trolled were the main baits being deployed. Smaller baits such as Yozuris and sight casting spoons to schooling fish were successful for the bonito. Anglers also reported some action with spanish mackerel, although he exact locations

Some boaters who headed towards the blue water found the wahoo were chewing but that fishing was very short lived as the winds arrived and the seas became rather unfriendly. The upcoming weekend looks like ti could provide some decent conditions but until those days arrive, predicting that is rather difficult. Some anglers venturing out also managed a few dolphin and some blackfin tuna.

Just along the beach and also in the inside waters, anglers continued to find the large “chopper” bluefish willing to attack just about anything thrown in their direction. There’s been some rather hostile discussion about the food quality of the larger bluefish. Obviously the smaller fish will taste better but that’s not to say the larger ones can’t be enjoyed; it’s all a matter of opinion and taste and if a fishy tasting fish, if that makes sense, is not to your liking, then releasing the larger ones will probably be your best bet. If something a little less fishy is to your liking, the speckled trout are still being found in area water but as conditions continue to warm, those fish will be leaving the area waters rather soon. Red drum are still being found in good quantity around the docks and in the creeks and can be caught on both artificial baits and natural ones such as cut bait and fresh shrimp.

As we continue towards the month of May, which is just less than a week away, there could very well be some really interesting fishing reports. The question is, will you be one of those with a spectacular story or will you just read about it? Get out there and Fish!

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