After nearly a month, missing cat found in neighbor’s wall


By Keaton Smith
Following nearly a month of searching, a Wrightsville Beach resident has been reunited with her beloved pet cat after he was found to have gotten inside the wall of a neighbor’s house.
Wrightsville Beach resident Nancy Faye Craig—who lost her cat soon after Hurricane Florence— said her neighbor in the Channel Walk neighborhood had her boyfriend working on the dryer vent in her condo when he heard sounds coming from the wall. He moved the refrigerator and cut the drywall behind it down. After removing the drywall, there sat the cat named “SJ”, amongst the debris he created from scratching the drywall from the inside.
SJ lost some weight as a result of being trapped in the walls for 26 days, but is gaining it back each day.
“He was awfully thirsty when he came out too,” Craig said.
Craig said she wasn’t sure if the sounds the boyfriend heard from the wall were SJ or not because of the amount of people who came forward that had found black cats matching SJ’s description.
“It was amazing the amount of people that came forward,” she said.
The drywall had been ripped out following Hurricane Florence, and Craig said she thinks he must have jumped in there between the time the wall was taken down and put back up.
“We were playing this game we play where I go out, and he sits at the bottom of the stairs and waits for me to pick him up to take him inside,” Craig said. “This time, though, I went to the mailbox and stayed out for a couple hours. Then, I got hungry for dinner, and I went to get him. He was gone, nowhere to be found. Vanished.”
Craig has lived in Wrightsville Beach since 1984, and said SJ is her “only child” with “four furry legs, instead of two.”
The fact that he is so young, Craig believes, is what probably saved his life.
“I told him he’s on home restriction for the rest of his life now,” Craig said, laughing.

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