LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why save the Lumina News? The value of a local newspaper


Submitted by Neal Briggi

Henderson Street, Wrightsville Beach

Our local small town newspaper Lumina News is an asset to our community. It reports on our town and reflects our culture, our issues, our interests, our resident engagement, our very understanding of what is going on. The possibility that we may lose  the Lumina News is sad on so many levels. 

Reflection of who we are as a community of residents, distant property owners,  renters, church congregations, local charitable organizations, hotels, venues, restaurants, marinas  and shop owners and their employees, dedicated municipal employees and elected officials, is what the Lumina News illuminates.

As a sentinel  journalistic guardian finding and providing the panorama of facts, completing the story is a noble and critical service to our community. It helps to shape both our understanding and sense of and behavior as a community. 

Throughout the year we the community welcome tens of thousands of visitors. We accommodate the tourist needs in many ways. We host hundreds of events that intersect with our lives. We face unique geographic, environmental and social challenges. The Lumina News reflects all of this about us.

Without our Lumina News we lose the strength of community, we degrade to our individual sphere of limited understanding. We simply commute across the bridge with decreasing connections and knowledge about each other. We become less. We lose our unity and divided we become a municipality in name only. We will succumb to the greater pressures of Wilmington, New Hanover County and the State. Mark my words with our increased ignorance of our situation our sense of bliss will be short lived. We will yield control of our town to points west.

Our newspaper amplifies our issues and our voice.

The purpose and focus of Lumina News has always been the community of Wrightsville Beach. Sadly there are no substitutes in waiting. Other news organizations in print, tv, radio and internet have a much broader focus and provide to a population predominantly disinterested in “Life in Wrightsville Beach”. After al we the people of Wrightsville Beach are considered pompous, unwelcoming and down right greedy.

Social media is not a healthy alternative as it is all too often driven by emotion, opinion, purposed bias and facts be damned. Not to mention a heavy dose of false bravado and venom.  

To lose the Lumina News is to rip the seams of the fabric that makes us a community. I, for one, do not want this to be the outcome. 

We have a chance to step up and help save our Lumina News. 

Several members of the community, including myself, have spoken with owner and publisher Terry Lane about what is needed. Much of the operating challenge stems from the tight weekly publication schedule. Quality human resources to handle the administration and operations is needed get the weekly edition on the stands and the bills payed.. The resources to secure and properly execute advertising orders and finally the resources to work the local network and build the critical stories. labor needs that have overwhelmed the operations. 

Terry has indicated to me that he will take any and all reasonable steps to help preserve the local newspaper.

He has defined a list of the many daily and weekly tasks. He is interested in hearing from those that can volunteer some time to help with some of the administrative and operational tasks, particularly those related to securing and managing advertisements. There could be a targeted fundraising operation.

What is most needed is advertising revenue. If you are a local business with the wherewithal to support the local newspaper, now is the time to step up. There is an opportunity here to promote your business.

Why not reach out to Terry by email and start the conversation of how you can help Save the Lumina News. ([email protected]}

The important thing to know is that there is still time. I’m confident that the community can come together to preserve this vital community resource.

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