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Lumina News Back in Publication

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Wrightsville Beach, NC – Lumina News is back publishing after an extended break. We are here for a simple reason – to inform and educate our readers about topics that affect you everyday. We do not have a silent or hidden agenda. We will offer facts, perspective, and context. 

Here is what Lumina News values: the Truth with journalism that is Accurate, Fair, and Objective.  

We want to find, report, and share content that resonates with readers in the greater Wrightsville Beach area and downtown Wilmington. If our plan works that will include hard news, business reporting, and opinion on topics that we care about. 

We want to offer scores and highlights for high school sports, UNCW Seahawks Athletics, and the Cape Fear Community College Sea Devils. The place we call home is about quality of life, so lifestyle reporting is important too. You can also check out www.luminanews.com for a few puzzle-games including the LA Times daily crossword puzzle and smart comics to keep your day fun.  

This may be a big vision for a news site that has not been active for a long time. We will work hard and effectively to earn your respect, and hope that you will come to rely on us as a valuable partner that you can trust for information about, on, and in the area.  

To make sure we don’t let you or ourselves down, we plan on a go-slow approach in the early days from Lumina News. We will not be silent for days on end, but you also should not expect lots of fresh, new content all day everyday. But you will find quality content published consistently.       

The curiosity and early support of our readers is greatly appreciated. Lumina News made its first social media post since 2020 back on October 20. Everyday since then we have received likes, hearts, and questions on our platforms. The most pressing question. Who is running Lumina News now?

Saltwater Media, LLC, the parent, acquired Lumina News in August of this year. Since then, the team has been going about the machinations of restarting a media business. The staff is small so we serve as publisher, editor, and reporter.  We are a small business focused on delivering value to our community. 

Since some want to know, Lumina News is brought to you by Montgomery Coudriet, Lynne Doyle, and Saltwater Media, LLC.

We hope you enjoy Lumina News. Happy reading.

Montgomery Coudriet, Publisher/Editor [email protected]

Lynne Doyle, Reporter, [email protected]

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