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By Pam Creech, Contributing Writer

During the summer of 2013, country singer Chris Bellamy released his ninth album, entitled “Bubbafied.” One year later, “Bubbafied” has worked its way up to 18th place on the country music chart on AirPlay Direct, an online platform for sharing and downloading music.

Bellamy hoped the album’s songs, which combine bluegrass-style picking with storytelling lyrics, would be successful throughout the southeastern United States. After its release on AirPlay Direct, it exceeded his expectations, obtaining a global fan base.

“‘Bubbafied’ has been downloaded in Australia, Sweden, the U.K., Spain, Canada and all throughout the United States,” Bellamy said during an Aug. 9 phone interview. “‘Bubbafied’ took off like a rocket.”

The album’s most downloaded song, “River Ranch,” was inspired by one of Bellamy’s favorite vacation destinations: a campsite located in River Ranch, Fla.

“There’s thousands of acres of land for hunting,” Bellamy said. The lyrics describe River Ranch as, “away from the hustle and bustle of a citified kind of place.”

“It’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve written,” Bellamy said. “It’s got a Hank Williams, David Allen Coe kind of feel to it. It’s very country.”

Many radio stations have placed the song in the sub-genre of “Outlaw Country.”

Due to “Bubbafied’s” recent success, Bellamy’s previous albums have received attention, as well. “Time, Tide and Tackle,” which was released in 2008, has climbed to third place on Airplay’s country music chart during summer 2014. “Oyster Man,” which was released a few months before “Time, Tide and Tackle,” has also gained popularity.

“‘Oyster Man’ has become a crossover CD, and has been listened to on country and bluegrass stations,” Bellamy said. “‘Bubbafied’ has brought attention to my whole catalogue.”

Despite the widespread popularity of his work, Bellamy doesn’t want to become a rock star.

“I’m 58 years old and I’m not looking for a big record label,” he said. “I just want to make good music and stay busy.”

Bellamy plans to release another album within the next 18 months.

Gary Bradshaw, Bellamy’s media manager, believes that Bellamy’s live shows have attributed to his success.

“He puts on a good show,” Bradshaw said. “He gives people what they’re looking for. He entertains them.”

Bradshaw said Bellamy’s solid work ethic has helped him with his career.

“If he’s got a four-hour gig, he’ll play four hours straight through,” Bradshaw said.

Bellamy will team up with jazz guitarist Bob Russell for a show at Ogden Tap Room Aug. 23.

For more information about Chris Bellamy and his music, visit www.chrisbellamy.com

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