PHOTOS: House at Causeway Bridge meets town height requirements


An independent surveyor has determined that the house under construction at the west end of Wrightsville Beach’s Causeway Bridge comes in under the town’s 40-foot height limit, according to documents filed with the town’s planning department last week.

The four-bedroom, single family home, under construction by Parker Construction Group at 1 Auditorium Drive, measured at 39-feet, 3 ¼ inches from the center of the street, while measuring 45-feet, 5 inches above sea level. Begun in July 2016, construction is projected to be finished in May 2018.

Artist rendering of 1 Auditorium Drive.

Christopher Parker, president of Parker Construction Group, said the home is being built on one of the largest pieces of properties in Wrightsville Beach, and like most other homes under construction in the town, utilizes nearly all of the 70 percent allowable floor-to-area ratio.

Parker said the house, which he described as “ultra luxury,” will feature the highest quality materials and design, surpassing even those built in Figure Eight Island. The materials will include reinforced composite concrete slabs, high-quality structural steel and Fleetwood custom-made windows and doors. Parker said the house would be built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

The house will also feature an energy-efficient design, including geothermal wells and a 16- kilowatt solar farm.

“It will be net zero, generating enough power for the entire house,” he said. “I’m  really excited my firm has the opportunity to build a project of this calibre and quality in this market.”

The project comes as the town is set to consider possible changes to the 40-foot height limit through revisions to the CAMA land use plan, which is currently being reviewed by a steering committee.

Parker said that the 40-foot height limit does pose some challenges for builders, especially since flood zone requirements have changed since the original height limit was set.

“We don’t want 50-foot houses, but a couple of extra feet to keep consistent with the changes in flood levels would be appropriate,” Parker said.


Photos courtesy of Christopher Parker:



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