Local band seeks spotlight with trip to national bluegrass festival


With a chance at stardom in sight, a local bluegrass band is starting a fundraising campaign to support a trip to Colorado for a renowned festival appearance that will put them in the national spotlight.
Formed late last year by veteran violin player Will Maxwell, the band Into the Fog has been touring around Wilmington and North Carolina this winter. But having won an opportunity to perform at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in June, the band members are seeing a chance to get into the national spotlight.
“We’re trying to make this a long term project for all of us,” Maxwell said. “These are some talented guys, each who can bring something amazing to the table. Committing to a project of this sort is what could send us off on our musical careers.”
To get there, the band is looking to start a Kickstarter online fundraising campaign, something Maxwell did with a former band, the Mid Atlantic, which raised $13,000. Maxwell said the band is hoping to have the success some other local artists have shown, such as Rebekah Todd, who raised more than $25,000 in an online fundraising campaign.
Joining Maxwell in Into the Fog is Jesse Stockton, a singer-songwriter who is familiar face on the Wrightsville Beach pub music circuit. Brian Stephenson also adds his voice to the band, along with the playing guitar, banjo and mandolin, while Winston Mitchell plays the slide guitar.
“It’s been great diving into the full band bluegrass stuff,” said Stephenson. “It’s given me the chance to develop, especially on the banjo. I’m traditionally a guitar player but the transition to banjo has been fun.
“There’s a rawness to it,” said Mitchell of playing the slide guitar. “There are no effects to hide behind. It’s what it’s truly meant to sound like.”
Into the Fog will play Jimmy’s at Red Dogs on Friday, April 13 and will open for national touring act Ghost of Paul Revere on April 22 at the Whiskey in downtown Wilmington.

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