Sister duo part of weekend all-women Wahine surf tournament


A dynamic duo of surfing sisters hope to shred some waves when they strut their short board stuff at a premier East Coast lady surfers competition this weekend. Local surfers Julia and Alaina Boos will compete at the Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic this weekend in an event that showcases the surfing skills, choreography, talent and beauty of ladies surfing, especially for young girls and teenagers looking to compete and master the sport.

“I like that you don’t have to go up against a bunch of boys,” said Julia, 13, who regularly competes at Eastern Surfing Association contests and has placed in the finals twice at the Classic. “The girls compete in different age groups. It’s a more level playing field.”

Both sisters have been surfing since they were in water wings, competing annually at the classic, which will be held August 10-12 at Beach Access no. 38, just north of Crystal Pier. Surfing starts at 8 a.m.

Local surfers Julia and Aalaina Boos will compete at the Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic this weekend.

The event is open to lady surfers of all ages, including amateurs. professionals and teenie wahines competing in short board, long board, tandem, pro and sup categories. They will be among more than 70 entries with girls being able to enter multiple events. Participants are coming from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina to compete in the classic now in its 21st consecutive year except for 2012.

As an all-female competition, the classic focuses on promoting physical, mental and emotional wellness among girls and women through surfing, and being part of supportive surfing community, said Jo Pickett, event organizer. At the Wahine, girls compete in a friendly, competitive environment that showcases and encourages the girls’ talents and skills.

“The girls have so much fun,” said Jo Pickett, director of the Crystal South Surf Camp. “When the girls get an early start, they learn about the ocean. They learn about themselves in all situations the ocean presents which then translates into their more tumultuous years. They have a foundation. They connect with the ocean.”

For the Boos’ sisters, surfing is not just a sport but a shared family activity with their parents. Their newest sister, Elle, who will be three next week, is already enjoying her boogie board as part of this surfing family living in Carolina Beach.

“We are surfers ourselves, so it is so much fun to pass our love of the waves to our kids,” said parents Carrie and Jim. “Surfing has given the girls a healthy confidence that has carried over into their daily lives.”

This weekend, the Wahine Classic should offer the Boos a chance for some sisterly surfing show off, competition, camaraderie and family fun.

“We get a little competitive,” said Alaina, 11.”When we were younger, we would catch a wave and hold hands. We would make up tricks. It’s a lot of fun.”

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