Delinquent county property taxes drop by more than $1 million


Fewer taxpayers were late in their property tax filings, and New Hanover County reported more than $1 million less in delinquent taxes in 2018 compared with 2017.

In its annual delinquent property tax report, the county published nearly $3.1 million in 2018 taxes still owed, down from the $4.2 million owed in 2017. Subsequently, fewer people were in debt to the county, with just 3,067 entities owing taxes, compared with 3,779 in 2017.

The largest debt owed was $59,542, by the Interroll Real Estate LLC, for the 12 acre lot of Northchase Parkway where the Interroll Corporation has a facility.

Altogether, 19 entities owed $10,000 or more to the county in back taxes, including:

  • Interroll Real Estate LLC – $59,542
  • Northern Riverfront Marina & Hotel LLLP – $21,171
  • CF Sports Medicine LLC – $19,947
  • NRMH Holdings LLC – $19,043
  • NRMH Hotel Holdings LLC – $18,613

Meanwhile, 150 of those reported owed less than $10.

New Hanover County property taxes are due every year on September 1, but payment can be made until January 5 without penalty. Interest accrues after that. Property owners receive two delinquent notices by mail. The names of property owners who failed to pay their tax bill make the list, which is then published by the tax collector. Publishing the list every year is required by North Carolina general statutes. Property tax records can be searched and tax bills paid online at  For the complete list of delinquent taxes, see the special section in this week’s Lumina News.

For the complete list of delinquent taxes, see here:


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