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Star Gazing Party Scheduled for April 20 in Carolina Beach

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Join Cape Fear Museum, Carolina Beach State Park, Cape Fear Astronomical Society and many other community partners for a fun-filled evening of stargazing and astronomy-themed activities on Friday, April 20, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Carolina Beach State Park (1010 State Park Road, Carolina Beach).
This year’s theme, Anyone Out There?, explores the question of whether there is life elsewhere in the universe, how we might find it and what it might look like. Be part of an event that is happening statewide, and bring a flashlight!
At this free event, visitors can:
• Go on a laser-guided, night-sky tour of the stars and planets.
• Get up close views of the Moon, stars, planets and more using a variety of telescopes.
• Enjoy a planetarium show for a fun orientation to the night skies.
• Cuddle up with loved ones and listen to star-themed stories at the Stellar Story Corner.
• Examine the Pioneer Plaque, decipher its message and craft your own symbolic message for the cosmos.
• Join NASA’s fictional Exoplanet Travel Bureau and promote futuristic interstellar travel.
• Become an astrobiologist and investigate icy orbs to reveal their secret interiors.
• Meet Earth’s extremophiles, find out what they might tell us about life outside of earth, and design an extraterrestrial life form.
• Discover how scientists find planets around distant stars and where these worlds are located.
• Enter raffles to win prizes and passes to local attractions.

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