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Fender Buddy marine fender system makes boating fun again

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From the ingenious mind of local, Scott Robbins, Fender Buddy® is the world’s first rope replacement marine fender system. It is a system designed to allow the user to deploy quickly, height adjust and store their marine fenders. Robbins invented the Fender Buddy System out of necessity; he wanted to get back to enjoying boating and stop stressing his lovely wife, Ashley.

The truth is, on most boating adventures, the husband does the piloting while the wife must attach and deploy the fenders to dock or get underway. Not entirely fair but entirely typical. Most wives must scramble to accomplish this task, often at the beginning and end of what could have been a very pleasurable day on the water. The Fender Buddy “system” allows for moving fenders from one side of the boat to the other in seconds. You can also quickly attach rafts, coolers, bait buckets, or beverage holders to your cleats or railings. Fender Buddy boating products are designed to make your time on the water more enjoyable and less stressful. Boating is about fun. The Fender Buddy system allows you and your passengers to spend more time doing what you love. And, let’s your first mate get back to having fun.

The Fender Buddy system in action.

The Fender Buddy system is very proudly made in the USA. It features high-quality UV and corrosion-resistant materials including, polypropylene webbing with a breaking strength of up to 900 pounds. It does not absorb water or dirt, uses marine-grade Sunbrella canvas, military-grade hook and loop, and a heavy-duty military-grade buckle that will hold up to 500 pounds. The buckle locks under load to prevent disconnecting if your fenders should pinch between boats or dock. Your system is guaranteed to be free of manufacturers defects for up to 12 months.

But, since nothing lasts forever when exposed continuously to the sun and saltwater, they have a replacement program that will keep your Fender Buddy system ship-shape. To repair or replace, return your system any time after the one year warranty expires. Fender Buddy will repair or replace any weathered components at a fraction of the original cost. When the system comes back to you, it will be as good as new, and you can take advantage of this program as many times as you like.

Boating on the weekends has always been a treasured pastime for Scott’s friends and family, creating so many great memories together. For years, on any given summer weekend, his parents and all of their friends could easily be found at Masonboro Island. They perfected some of the largest big boat raft-ups that people had ever seen. All in the effort to enjoy family time together, grilling, chilling, partying, swimming, and just having a grand time — creating memories to cherished for life. The last time the family “cruise director,” Robbins’ mother, Kay Baker,  joined in was 2010, shortly after that, the family’s boat was rocked when his mother “the cruise director,” was diagnosed with cancer. It was a fierce battle, and unfortunately, she lost her fight in June 2012.

Years passed before he could get back on the water, boating on the weekends and to her beloved Masonboro Island. With gratitude for all of the years and for all of the time spent sharing this great pastime with his mother, family, and friends, the Fender Buddy concept was born at his mother’s favorite boating spot. Fender Buddy is inspired by and dedicated to the memory of “the cruise director.”

The Fender Buddy “quick” fender system is available through the Fender Buddy online store and installs in mere minutes. Once the system is in place, everybody on the boat will thank you. They will be able to “quick” deploy or store your fenders in record time, making docking and rafting-up smoother and more stress-free than ever. With hangers designed for installation on cleats, railings, T-tops, or in any location, you’ll always be ready to “quick” deploy or store your fenders or stop spilling your beer. Visit http://fender-buddy.com/ to learn more and remember, its gifting time, this system makes a great stocking stuffer.

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