Pretty Presents gift wrapping service makes Christmas a breeze



Say goodbye to coming up with last-minute gifts and, more importantly, say goodbye to trying to make them presentable to the recipient. “Pretty Presents” offers swoon-worthy gift wrapping solutions and personalized gift concierge services.

Imagine, never wrapping a gift again or spending all night on Christmas Eve alone with a tape dispenser, paper, and ribbon. Or your child is reminding you the night before a birthday party that a gift is needed. Pretty Presents is the answer to many prayers.

Pretty Presents is a bombshell service from the creative mind of Elle Woods. You can now exercise the advantage of her gift concierge services with the bonus of her unique style and flair. She has renovated her garage space to accommodate her new business with staging, production, and storage logistical accommodation. Just think of her as the gifting angel complete with a private workshop to work her magic.

Pretty Presents offers gift concierge services for holidays, corporate events, product launches, customer appreciation, graduation, birthdays, baby showers, wedding events, staff appreciation, party favors or sporting winners as well as anniversaries, new jobs, new homes, teacher or coach gifts, or retirement celebrations. Offering personalized shopping, drop off, and pick up services with a 24-hour notice and, miraculously, somewhat like Elle, at affordable, flexible price points. If you know Elle Woods, you know no job is too big or too small for her to not give 100 percent to accomplishing it and getting it done well.

Pretty Presents offers some other bonuses, too. Pretty Presents is Veteran-owned and operated, thanks to Wood’s service as a U.S. Marine. The transporting, handling and storage of all gifts is insured. And, whenever possible, gifts are purchased from local vendors and are made in the United States of America.

If you want your name on the prettiest presents, contact Elle at Pretty Presents. You can reach her by email at [email protected], or by phone at 704-488-1011, and you will be thrilled that you did. Pretty Presents, allows you to get the gifts out of those bags transformed into the Prettiest Present by the sea, undoubtedly, the prettiest presents under the tree.

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